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Welcome to our new press info service. From now on, this service will always provide you with the most recent updates on our artists and products in an Acrobat Reader format, as well as photographs of our artists in a tif- or jpeg-format .

Should you need any further information, photos, CD/Album covers or would like to request an interview with one of our artists, please don't hesitate to contact us via our e-mail address:


Künstler Treu
     artistinfo  (pdf 11kb)
     Foto (jpeg 70kb)

     Foto (tif 380kb)
     productinfo Ultraboutique (pdf 11kb)

     artist info  (pdf 11kb)
     Foto (tif 510kb)
     productinfo new medium softpack (pdf 12kb)

Künstler Treu
     Foto (tif 490kb)
     productinfo Humuhumunukunuku-apua'a (pdf 11kb)